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ARTIFICIAL Technology GmbH Cliffhanger Productions Relies on EKI One 2.6

Middleware from Artificial Technology used in new online strategy game ‘Jagged Alliance Online’

The middleware for artificial intelligence in computer games, EKI One® 2.6, is a key to the online version of the classic strategy game ‘Jagged Alliance’. The development team at Cliffhanger Productions Software GmbH purposefully chose Artificial Technology’s EKI One® 2.6 for the new project, ‘Jagged Alliance Online’, to guarantee the powerful and reliable AI solution required for the online implementation of this strategy game.
According to Jan Wagner, Managing Director at Cliffhanger Productions, “EKI One® allows us to go all the way with the artificial intelligence capabilities that are so crucial for „Jagged Alliance?. Artificial Technology has proven to be a reliable partner with whom it has been possible to jointly develop a solution for our specific needs. We are also impressed with the high level of performance EKI One Server delivers, which is essential for an online game.”
The Unity-based development „Jagged Alliance Online? utilizes the middleware EKI One® 2.6 to allow combatants to interact with all the other non-player characters (NPCs) in a realistic manner. The fascination of „Jagged Alliance?, where players send their own squad of custom-equipped mercenaries on thrilling missions, is fully retained in the game?s new online version – which also provides the EKI One® 2.6 based „Commander AI? for additional tactical depth.
Artificial Technology GmbH CEO, Frank Gwosdz, is pleased with the way developers are embracing the EKI One® 2.6 technology and sees a vast potential for the middleware being applied in new online games: “We want to make EKI One® the No.1 behavior solution for online games. Therefore, our cooperation with Cliffhanger Productions is an important milestone for us. The fact that players everywhere will now have access to „Jagged Alliance Online? is a dream come true for me as a „Jagged Alliance? fan of old.”
Eagerly awaited by a huge fan community, the release of „Jagged Alliance Online? by publisher Gamigo AG is expected in the fourth quarter of 2011.
(Characters: 2.011)
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About EKI One®
Artificial Technology GmbH is the developer and distributor of EKI One® middleware, the one-stop solution for implementing non-player character behavior in online, computer and video games. EKI One®?s modules include movement & pathfinding, perception, decision-making and planning, and fully cover the essentials of behavior control. One-of-a-kind functionality gives computer-generated characters unprecedented emotional and social intelligence. The system?s components, EKI One® Engine, EKI One® Server and the intuitive EKI One® Configurator environment, constitute a truly unique package that cuts down on costs and development time and reduces the risk and maintenance effort associated with creating a digital game.
About Artificial Technology GmbH
We bring bytes alive! Making virtual worlds bristle with artificial and emotional intelligence is Artificial Technology GmbH?s motto and fundamental vision. Established in 2007 in Puchheim (Bavaria, Germany), the company is on the cutting edge of the digital entertainment industry with its ground-breaking EKI One® technology for artificial and emotional intelligence. Artificial Technology gives developers around the world a one-stop solution to implement advanced computer game character behavior.


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