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IDENT Technology AG receives further investment to move to fabless business model for its consumer market 3D gesture control chip

IDENT Technology AG, developer of innovative proximity sensing and gesture recognition solutions, has received a new round of investment to develop its GestIC three-dimensional (3D) gesture control chip solution using a fabless semiconductor business model.

The GestIC chip, aimed at the high growth 3D gesture control market, allows consumer electronics manufacturers to implement a new generation of user interfaces using any type of free space gesture to control functions of a product.

Existing investors MIG Associated Fonds and Danube Equity have continued their investment in IDENT Technology AG to allow it to further develop and market the GestIC chip and related EZApplication range of software solutions.
Michael Motschmann, CEO of MIG Fonds AG, said, “IDENT Technology AG is one of our most exciting high-tech investments. We truly believe the technology will revolutionize the way humans interact with electronic devices. Our investment will help IDENT to become a fabless company, develop the GestIC chip, and accelerate market penetration for its technology.”

GestIC is a unique technology that addresses a broad range of consumer electronic application needs. It enables simultaneous implementation of user interfaces ranging from simple one-dimensional touch to sophisticated 3D gesture recognition in the same chip. GestIC’s true 3D sensing capabilities allow detection and tracking of hand or finger movements over a device’s surface or display and converts them into gesture commands or co-ordinates to control consumer products,

Dr. Roland Aubauer, chief technology officer of IDENT Technology, commented, “We are pleased that our existing investors share our confidence in our award-winning technology.” Dr. Aubauer says the opportunity for this is significant, adding, “We are already engaged with key tier one consumer electronics manufacturers to bring this disruptive gesture control technology to the mass market.”

Unlike any other gesture control system, GestIC utilizes near-field electric sensing. In comparison to other technologies such as optical camera based systems, it works independently of the ambient environment, and offers real time response time with jitter-free accuracy and very low power consumption The GestIC chip is part of IDENT Technology’s patented and scalable Z-Sense(TM) core technology pool.