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Hepa Wash GmbH awarded ZIM Grant

Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs supports the development of production line for Hepa Wash fluids with € 125,000

Hepa Wash receives a € 125.000 grant from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The grant is paid within the central innovation program for medium-sized enterprises (ZIM) and supports the development of a production line for the fluids needed for the Hepa Wash liver support device.

Up to now dialysis fluids are manufactured in huge tanks of 5,000 liters or greater and are then filled into 5-liter-bags. The Hepa Wash production line will work continuously and the filling will be done immediately so that bulky mixing tanks are not necessary anymore. "The costs of the production will decline significantly", says Dr. Bernhard Kreymann, CEO of Hepa Wash GmbH. "With the in-house-production of the fluids we will be independent of suppliers and therefore even more competitive.”

Also the patient will significantly benefit from the innovation: The electrolyte household of treated patient is quite variable. Optimally each liver patient should get a dialysate specially adjusted according to the clinical picture. "Our production line will be able to produce individually tailored dialysates." says Kreymann.

About Hepa Wash GmbH

Hepa Wash GmbH, which is located in the "Munich Technology Center" (MTZ), works since its foundation in 2005 on a new liver support therapy, to reduce the high mortality of critically ill patients with liver failure. Recent studies revealed that existing therapies can hardly achieve any positive effects on survival of liver patients. However, the Hepa Wash procedure has a significantly increased detoxication capacity and is therefore expected to improve the survival rate of affected patients for at least 30 percent. Two in-vitro- and preclinical studies already showed the imposing beneficial effects of the procedure. The clinical study at II. Medical Clinic in Hospital rechts der Isar started in October 2010. For this study a TUEV approved prototype of the device is used. In parallel to the pilot study the company finishes the device for the CE certification.

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