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Hepa Wash GmbH: Hepa Wash and II. Medical Department, University Hospital Rechts der Isar Awarded € 425,000 Grant from the Bayerische Forschungsstiftung (BFS) for a € 0.9 Mio Collaborative Preclinical Study on Acute Liver Failure

Hepa Wash GmbH (Hepa Wash), a medical device company developing an innovative liver support device announced today that it has received a € 425,000 grant from the Bayerische Forschungsstiftung (BFS) to test the safety and efficacy of its laboratory prototype in a preclinical animal model for acute liver failure in collaboration with the II. Medical Department, University Hospital Rechts der Isar.

The grant will be used to develop an improved animal model for acute liver failure in pigs that resembles much more the clinical situation of acute liver failure in humans than currently available models. This new model will allow to analyzing and evaluating the safety and efficacy of the Hepa Wash® treatment on the function of vital organs during acute liver failure, results that will be very important for the further development and optimization of the Hepa Wash® device. In addition, these data will also be very helpful to gain a better insight into the underlying pathology of acute liver failure, a disease that is still only partially understood. Bernhard Kreymann, CEO and founder of Hepa Wash, comments "We are very proud that our efforts in the development of a new and innovative liver therapy will be supported by the Bayerische Forschungsstiftung. This grant will help us significantly in our attempt to achieve a breakthrough in the current therapeutic practice for patients with severe liver failure. In addition, it demonstrates the commitment of the BFS to support innovative applied research projects thereby not only contributing to the development of small, high-potential companies but also further strengthening medical technology as one of the future key technologies for the benefit of patients as well as Bavaria as a business location. We are also very delighted to have the opportunity to work together on this project with several prestigious partners, especially Prof. Dr. med. Roland M. Schmid from the University Hospital Rechts der Isar, PD Dr. Bernhard Michalke from the GSF, Neuherberg, and Prof. Dr. Dr. med. h.c. Peter Rademacher from the Clinic for Anaesthesiology in Ulm." End-stage liver disease

Liver failure is one of the dominant causes of death worldwide. In the eight economically leading countries of the world alone, more than 100,000 patients die from liver diseases each year. Despite numerous efforts, at present, the only reliable curative therapy is liver transplantation. However, transplantation is and will be in the future only a therapy for a minority of patients. Thus, there is an urgent need for a liver assist device to reduce the very high mortality and morbidity of liver patients.
About Hepa Wash

Hepa Wash GmbH, a Munich-based medical device company, is dedicated to the development and commercialization of its innovative liver assist technology that is expected to be several times more effective than currently available treatments and to create a breakthrough in the treatment of liver patients that will change current medical practice.