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Artificial Technology GmbH: Artificial Technology to Present

Artificial's founders are showing no signs of slowing down.

Just four months after the successful launch of EKI One 1.0, Artificial Technology now introduces the new 1.5 version. The company's founding trio, Frank Gwosdz, Serein Pfeiffer and Daniel Renner, picked the most important event on the industry calendar, the Game Developers Conference (GDC), for the release of their latest product. You can meet Artificial's masterminds at the shared "State of Bavaria" booth (6534 NH), an initiative of the Bavarian state government. Serein Pfeiffer, technical director and co-founder of Artificial Technology GmbH, is pleased with the enhanced release: "With EKI One Version 1.5, we are providing a powerful tool with the capability to optimize a game's ambient behavior. Bustling towns, diverse forests and complete, multifaceted worlds can now be implemented easily and efficiently. Artificial remains true to its principles and delivers a solution which explicitly supports workflows and simplifies the design processes of artificial intelligence in modern video games." Like its predecessor EKI One 1.0, the new version consists of three components: EKI One Engine, the base technology and core of the system, EKI One Configurator as the graphical user interface, and the comprehensive EKI One Support package. The young entrepreneurs have found a proactive partner in the "State of Bavaria" initiative. Representing the foreign interests of the German federal state of Bavaria, the initiative runs a permanent liaison office on the West Coast of the US and has its own pavilion not far from the German booth at the GDC in San Francisco. Frank Gwosdz is very happy about this cooperation and eagerly awaits the opportunity to welcome interested GDC visitors at the joint State of Bavaria booth (6534 NH): "We are excited to be taking part in the world's largest computer and video game developers convention and to present our EKI One technology to the most popular studios. The most important aspect for us is the fact that there is no other place in the world where entertainment industry trends are established in quite the same way as in San Francisco."

But Artificial Technology is not limiting its activities to simply refining the technology. The company itself is growing steadily, building new distribution channels, and gearing up for the second round of fundraising. Information

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About Artificial Technology GmbH

Artificial Technology GmbH, established in 2007, is the maker of EKI One Middleware (emotional & artificial intelligence), an innovative solution for game developers to create characters with lifelike emotional behavior. The base technology incorporates pathfinding, cognitive and decision-making systems. The intuitive graphical user interface and personal customer support guarantee seamless integration into existing software environments. In 2008, the company's founders, Frank Gwosdz, Serein Pfeiffer and Daniel Renner, won the financial backing of High-Tech-Gründerfonds Management GmbH, Bayern Kapital GmbH and Falk Strascheg Holding GmbH.

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