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DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH: Deutsche Private Equity is financing the expansion of Bäckerei Wilhelm Middelberg GmbH

Funds advised by Munich-based DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH ("DPE"), have invested in Bäckerei Wilhelm Middelberg GmbH, Bad Iburg, Northern Germany

DPE focuses on acquiring mid-market companies with long-term fundamental growth prospects in the German speaking region. The current investment, representing the third acquisition since inception of the fund in December 2007, will support the continued geographic expansion of this leading self-service bakery chain with currently over 100 outlets. Bäckerei Wilhelm Middelberg GmbH is a fast growing family owned bakery chain with a history of more than 100 years. Managed by Wilhelm Middelberg in the third generation of family entrepreneurs, the company has recently become one of the pioneers of introducing self-service bakeries in Germany.

Bäckerei Middelberg is a traditional bakery chain which has grown significantly since launching its self-service retail concept in 2002. Today the bakery is operating more than 120 shops, most of which are self-service shops. Under the brand "Middelberg's Baking Friends" the Company is retailing award winning baked goods from its own production at discounted prices. The customer is selecting and packaging the products himself in-store. The resulting cost savings can be invested in the quality of the baked goods. The production site of Bäckerei Middelberg is in Bad Iburg near Osnabrück, and the shops are currently spread across southern Lower Saxony and northern North Rhine-Westphalia. Bäckerei Middelberg is amongst the top 3 self-service bakery chains in Germany with a broad regional concept. In the future, the company intends to expand into other regions in Germany.

"We are delighted to back Bäckerei Middelberg in the continued roll-out of its self-service concept. Middelberg is well positioned in a fast growing market segment. The company is one of Germany's leading retail chains of self-service bakeries and has experienced strong growth recently", says Marc Thiery, Managing Partner of DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH. "Despite the financial crisis we continue to back strong management teams of high growth companies. We are convinced that there are numerous growth opportunities for German SMEs which can only materialize with the necessary financial backing. We are delighted to support yet another exceptional company." The Managing Director of Bäckerei Middelberg, Wilhelm Middelberg, agrees that the investment creates new opportunities: "We are convinced that Deutsche Private Equity is the ideal partner for us to help us implement, if not exceed our growth plans." Further details of the transaction were not disclosed.


With its investment in Bäckerei Middelberg the funds advised by DPE have realized their third investment since inception in December 2007: In August 2008 DPE acquired a majority in Nurembergbased iloxx, a fast growing company specialized in the provision of innovative logistics solutions for private individuals and e-commerce companies. With retrospective effect of January 1, 2008 DPE acquired a majority in SSB Group GmbH, Salzbergen, a producer of electric pitch systems for wind turbines and a leading German provider of repair, maintenance of monitoring services for wind park operators.

About Deutsche Private Equity GmbH

Funds advised by Deutsche Private Equity GmbH provide growth capital to companies in sectors with long-term fundamental growth prospects. Deutsche Private Equity is an independent German private equity firm, which was launched by Marc Thiery and Volker Hichert in December 2007 with the backing of Parcom Capital, a pan-European investment subsidiary of the Dutch ING Group. Parcom Capital has over €2bn invested in over 250 companies. The fund currently advised by DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH (Parcom Deutschland I) has an initial committed capital of €250m and targets €5-50m equity investments in German, Swiss and Austrian middle-market companies with enterprise values of €10-150m in the following sectors: business services, education, healthcare, industrial technology and alternative energy/environment. As an active partner of management teams, DPE aims to develop companies over longer holding periods (5-10+ years) through organic and external growth. For more information on DPE please visit

About Bäckerei Middelberg

Bäckerei Middelberg was founded in Glandorf near Osnabrück at the beginning of the 20th century. Wilhelm Middelberg is the third in a series of family entrepreneurs at the helm of the company. In 2002 the company launched the self-service retail concept "Baking Friends". Today Bäckerei Middelberg is amongst the largest and most successful companies in this industry, with more than 100 self-service retail outlets across southern Lower Saxony and northern North Rhine-Westphalia. In addition to the self-service bakeries Bäckerei Middelberg continues to run its traditional bakeries in the area south of Osnabrück. From its production facility in Bad Iburg the company is providing both types of shop with baked goods produced using traditional techniques. For more information on Bäckerei Middelberg please visit Further information on this transaction can be obtained from:

Wilhelm Middelberg, Managing Director
Bäckerei Wilhelm Middelberg GmbH, Niedersachsenstrasse 2, 49186 Bad Iburg
E-Mail:; Tel.: 0 54 03 - 79 67-0
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