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Artificial Technology GmbH: Official Launch of EKI One Version 1.0

This news is bound to excite gamers and developers alike: EKI One Version 1.0 is now commercially available!

Artificial Technology GmbH's modular middleware for
emotional and artificial intelligence will make the inhabitants of virtual
worlds more intelligent, emotional and vivid - adding depth and sheer
enjoyment to the game. And the developers at Artificial have also made
sure that their innovative technology, which comprises the three
components Engine, Configurator and Support, integrates seamlessly
into existing software environments. You can now obtain a free trial
version of EKI One for evaluation.

Serein Pfeiffer, technical director and co-founder of Artificial Technology
GmbH, comments on the launch of the company's first product: "With EKI One
1.0, we proudly present a software solution that allows game and level
designers, script designers and programmers to define character behavior
efficiently and with ease - from cognition and movement characteristics to
intelligent decision-making. The specifications and requests we received from
our potential customers have had a direct bearing on the development of EKI
One 1.0. We have combined ease of use with the technological depth required
for authentic character simulation in a single, well-rounded package."
Version 1.0 consists of three components. The EKI One Engine is the base
technology, the core of the system: It is a modular software library that
includes the algorithms for pathfinding, movement and perception. The EKI
One Configurator is Artificial Technology's answer to the need for a
straightforward method of applying complex artificial intelligence. Along with
the intuitive graphical user interface, the Configurator provides a broad palette
of tools. The unique sandbox component gives game designers the power to
experiment and implement their ideas quickly and easily. The extensive EKI
One Support service rounds out Artificial Technology GmbH's offering.
Yet this is merely the beginning for the young Bavarian start-up. Founders
Frank Gwosdz, Serein Pfeiffer and Daniel Renner and their team, which has
swiftly grown to 15 employees, are already working on the follow-up version.
In a sense, EKI One will become more 'emotional' as more and more aspects
of emotional and social psychology are incorporated. "Our primary goal is the
simulation of virtual worlds in which the characters can move without any
restrictions. We also want to make it even more convenient for game design
studios to integrate EKI One into their complex workflows," states Serein
Pfeiffer. Thus, Artificial Technology GmbH hopes to give developers working in
a big team an incentive to create worlds with a large number of computercontrolled
characters. With characters that behave in much more varied and
lifelike ways, these games, in turn, will take the gaming experience to the next


Additional information about EKI One middleware and Artificial Technology GmbH is available
online at
About Artificial Technology GmbH
Artificial Technology GmbH, established in 2007, is the maker of EKI One Middleware
(emotional & artificial intelligence), an innovative solution for game developers to create
characters with lifelike emotional behavior. The base technology incorporates pathfinding,
cognitive and decision-making systems. The intuitive graphical user interface and personal
customer support guarantee seamless integration into existing software environments. In 2008,
the founders of the company, Frank Gwosdz, Serein Pfeiffer and Daniel Renner, won the
financial backing of High-Tech-Gründerfonds Management GmbH, Bayern Kapital GmbH and
Falk Strascheg Holding GmbH.

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